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USA Network Renews Suits for Season 4 →

USA Network on Thursday renewed its top-notch legal/workplace/relationship drama Suits for another season. The 16-episode Season 4 will premiere sometime in 2014. The final six episodes of the thir…

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Necessary Roughness 3x07 - Bringing the Heat

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Suits 3x03 - Unfinished Business

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Neal & Elizabeth (requested by anonymous)

Can I just have like a whole season where it’s Elizabeth and Neal and SHENANIGANS, please.

Ah this vertex of the OT3 getting some love!

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fangirl challenge -> 15 pairings  » Annie and Auggie

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‘Covert Affairs’ 4x01 | Annie and Auggie

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Sarah Rafferty on Birchbox

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Meghan Markle on Birchbox

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